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Re: A new subject for discussion?

Dear Joe,

A  proto-Mason? You can not be half pregnant.  The symbols are those of the
guilds that built the masterpiece that is Rosslyn. How many of the Masonic
symbols are missing in Rosslyn? The various symbols were adopted by modern
Freemasons by copying the past. How many other places can the symbols of
Freemasonry be found? Many contend that Washington DC is Masonic in design.
Americans live their daily lives surrounded by Masonic symbols.  Many have
no idea what they mean.

In 'Star Trek's Telly series Mr Spock uses the two sets of fingers of the
Masonic hand shake as the Vulcan salute (The Pass grip?).  The pilot episode
first ship's Captain was Christopher Pike.  Albert Pike; a Confederate
general and founder of the Ku Klux Klan was a 33rd degree Mason.  What leap
of faith would attribute these random facts to Freemasonry. However the
"Live long and prosper" is Jewish.  Is Spock an alien Jewish Mason?

A lot of people saw The Emptor New Clothes. Our minds must be open to
difference influences.  None of us is the infallible Oracle we see in
symbols anything we want to see.  On the square and on the level.  All for
the sake of the widow's son.

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> Sinclair,
> I truly enjoy reading your literate and sometimes acerbic responses to the
> periodic jabs (sharp sticks poked into the ribs) to which (some) others

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