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The other Sinclair - Earl William

For Tim Wallace-Murphy - If you casually read Sinclair History, Sir
William is just a part of the whole scheme, not a particular person. His
place is only marked as the father of the next generation. -that is
all-  I am not aware of a particular history for Sir William, other than
he is the builder of Rosslyn and that is where the story stops dead.  Is
there public information for Sir William.  He seems to be the progenitor
of the Sinclairs to follow.  The Caithness branch seems to be on its
own. Yes, I will probably get much 'flak' from that statement.  But
remember, here I sit in 'good ole USA' just learning about my branch of
the family, trying to figure out where my particular branch fits into
the whole.  Regards, to all <grin> Sally

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