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Re: A new subject for discussion?

Dear Kevin

William is the defiantly worth looking into he was an exceptional person
with traceable accomplishments.  Questions are not aggressive they are meant
to finds facts. Fact that is fact every day is not views; it's truth. We
must be careful about confusing the report of views from fact.  What is
important, what is vital, what has colour and life that is fact.

Cocquille (French spelling; Coquille) St. Jacques is French for sea
scallops. It is a quite famous Norman dish. When the French are not
politicking or making love they are living from one glorious meal to the

Can you give a little more information on this order of knighthood?

Where did the claim "William was senior of 4 candidates for the  Norwegian
crown in 1449.The Hansa League of northern Germany blocked this , hoping for
someone more amenable" come from?

Waldemar IV  was humiliated when The Treaty of Stralsund 1370 gave the Hansa
a virtual trade monopoly in Scandinavia but no political rights. In 1397 the
Kalmar Union was formed as a result of dynastic ties between Sweden, Denmark
and Norway, Erik of Pomerania was the first crowned king of the Kalmar
Union, the Union and the defeat of the Hansa by the Dutch in 1441 ended the
Hansa's political dream. Where is Williams' claim?


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