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Re: Genealogy


Thanks for sharing your line via Rootsweb. I have saved it in my favorites.
George SInclair and wife Elizabeth Graham also had a son named James, born
at Rosslyn Castle abt. 1644. James had at least five children, among them
Lady Helen, born 1669/70, who married Archibald Kerr, and an Alexander born
Abt. 1672. Myself and others feel that this Alexander could be our ancester
who arrived in the Virginia colony in October, 1698. A question arises as to
this being  his birth year because of an affidavit which he signed stating
his age, which would place his birth at abt. 1666. Alexander Sinkler had
several children, and some of their descendants took the name Sinclair, and
some St. Clair. Several of his descendants married into other noble lienages
which are traceable. I am looking for any link which would tie this puzzle
together. I have been able to trace my great-great grandmother St. Clair's
line all the way back to the Mirovingian dynasty. Any help that you or
anyone else can give would be marvelous.

Stan St. Clair

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>I always have my ears open for any genealogical information. My line is
>of John of Exeter, and I have followed the Sinclair lineage as worked out
>the late Pete Cummings. There have been a couple of questions raised

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