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Re: Re[2]: The Henry Voyage

Dear Friends,

Earlier posting questioned the technical ability of Profesor de Bethune in
his criticism of the C14 dating of the mortar of the Newport Tower. My
background is science and I respectfully submit that any scientist employed
on the Manhatten project has beyond doubt the expertise to question the
methodology used. Secondly, Professor de Nethune's personal expertise in in
porous materials and therefore he is far better qualified to commment on he
behaviour of those material than the technicians employed to do the
sampling. Remember that the laboratories are the poeple responible for the
analysis, the technicians for the sampling.

Furthermore these tests should not be viewed in isolation, they are one
small part in an exteremely complex history of investigation. In my next
email I will list the pre-colonial references that may reasonable be
attributed to the Tower. The one following that wil give an overview on bith
Godfrey's and Arlington Mallory's excavations.

Best wishes


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