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Re[4]: The Henry Voyage

Hi Tim,

Thursday, March 7, 2002, 12:12:42 PM, you wrote:

> Earlier posting questioned the technical ability of Profesor de Bethune in
> his criticism of the C14 dating of the mortar of the Newport Tower. My
> background is science and I respectfully submit that any scientist employed
> on the Manhatten project has beyond doubt the expertise to question the
> methodology used. Secondly, Professor de Nethune's personal expertise in in
> porous materials and therefore he is far better qualified to commment on he
> behaviour of those material than the technicians employed to do the
> sampling. Remember that the laboratories are the poeple responible for the
> analysis, the technicians for the sampling.

> Furthermore these tests should not be viewed in isolation, they are one
> small part in an exteremely complex history of investigation. In my next
> email I will list the pre-colonial references that may reasonable be
> attributed to the Tower. The one following that wil give an overview on bith
> Godfrey's and Arlington Mallory's excavations.

I think on reflection that since I still have some work to do on this,
and you probably do too, I will wait until I have a copy of your book
in front of me so that I can do your arguments justice. I doubt very
much I can deal with all of them by the way, as some would require
resources I don't have (eg a search for comparable 17th century
architectural features).  But I'll do what I can.  For the record, I don't agree with
your statement about De Bethune, but that will have to wait until I
have more time and have seen your book.


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