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Re: Clan Sinclair USA Web Page

Dear Bruce

Interesting theory but In the shop in London 'Past Times' they sell a
reproduction of a 6th century Orkney chess set.  This is at least 500 years
older than the Crusades.  Where did it come from?

The only flag that the Templars ever had was the Bauceans flag, it is half
white and half black and bears a red cross. In banner form the Bauceans flag
was captured by the Saracens at the battle of "The Horns of Hattin" on the
4th  July, 1187. Hattin was one of the bloodiest battles of the crusades.
The Count of Tripoli is said to have jumped from his horse uttering cries of
woe to the heavens:

"Lord God, our war is over! We are nothing but dead men-and the Kingdom has
come to an end."

The greatest man of the crusades was not a Christian  he was Saladin,
warrior of God. Saladin spared  the Templar Grand Master, Gerard de Ridefort
and King Guy of Jerusalem. Saladin stated "Have no fear. it is not the
custom of kings to kill kings."

The flag shown on the referenced web page
(http://www.clansinclairusa.org/ev_temp_misc.htm) is that of King Louis IX
of France. French missionaries are the probable origin of the Mi'maq Nation

The carbon dating on the Newport Tower is far after Henry.

I have read all of Wallace-Murphy's new book in manuscript form.  The makes
a good case but it leaves a lot of doubts.  Proving Henry's voyage
definitively is, I believe, impossible.

On the balance of probability Henry went to America.  But why?
Wallace-Murphy has not told us.


ref The Crusades Henry Treece The Bodley Head LTD London 1962
The Knights Templar and Their Myth  Peter Partner Harper Collins London 1997

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