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RE: sinclair-digest V2 #786

I had the pleasure of meeting Jack St.Clair Kilby, the recent Nobel
Laureat in Physics for his discovery of the integrated circuit in the
1960's at Texas Instrument. That discover revolutionized electronics,
making possible computers and a myriad of devices we now take for
granted.  I asked him about where the St. Clair middle name came from
and he said that it had been a family name for about five generations.
He is around 79 and from Illinois originally.  While I am sure he is not
related to my branch, I was curious if anyone had run across his
genealogy in their research. Thanks.

Frank A. St. Claire

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> http://www.sciam.com/0696issue/0696scicit05.html
> I couldn't find a listing for Data Roche Watchman in the 
> Quebec phonebooks for
> the business, but that's not surprising....   few of their 
> customers would seek
> them in the "yellow pages"... it's not the way it works...
> best regards,
> Joe Erkes

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