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Knight's L


1000 gomens and 2 grovels for not providing credits re your Chess quote. At
this point I don't remember doing it but do faintly remember passing on
several remarks from persons I'd not received permission to use their names,
even though it was an "in-house" list. I did not put the remarks into a
website; I didn't have one. If I can find the old material I'll set things
right. I can also retransmit your note in this list to the other list and
will do so now (with credit) with your ok...ok?

RE the 8-point cross/wheel: It has many applications, very ancient.
Energetically and in related "consciousness" terms it is two crosses
overlaid: the Greek or equal-armed "+" cross (of St George) and the "X"
cross or saltire (St. Andrew). Each of complementary functions in the
8-point compass rose, too complicated for this brief note but in short, they
generate a process of manifestation and transmutation. In the realm of
sacred geometry this action has two other systems complementing it: the
penta-star (pentagram) and equilateral triangle (tetrahedron) both forming
10-point and 6-point wheels. These provide seeding and connective functions

One system will include the others in some manner or will be ineffective.
This is also a safety cut-off. If the "operator" can't generate all
components the system closes down. Perhaps this would provide more insight
into the Queens' moves?

The Tower's correlation with the Migdal(ene) sounds good... "Migdal" is
"tower" in Hebrew. However the Tower connection is an older archetype than
Mari, although she certainly provided the correlation. The earlier one shows
up as Nephthys who wore a tower-crown... her sister ISIS wore a throne-crown
and they would form a creation-field between them, Osiris usually as a
Lame-King archetype, lying horizontally between them with Isis at his feet,
Nephthys at the head. This same system is found in Christian Scripture with
the sisters Martha, Mari (both root names: Mar) and Lazarus their brother
would be the model of the Resurrected One. (This is somewhat more complex
with Yeshua phased in.)

In Rosslyn the 8-point wheel is centered in the Mari-Pillar at the entrance
to the Lady Chapel. Extend the radius of the Wheel as far as the open
"landing" on the descending stairs going down into the lower chapel (the
stairs are part of the L form) where the former St. Peter altar was
(overhead). I suggest that the Pillar (migdal) with Mari on it is more
accurately seen as the Mari Migdal(ene) function centering the 8-point.

Supposing that Isis or Queen Mother is the chess Queen. The two Towers would
"bracket" her in combination with the King. This is a special energy format
not usually seen, it is generally the opposite. It creates a twin-towers
situation and that is generally straddling a gateway format. In the Chess
line up there are two Knights within the "gateway" field and these are the
specialized gate functions, left and right. These, by the way, are found in
the Edinburgh Reshel Matrix, one of the "L's" being from Inchcolm in the
Firth, south to Black Hill where the Sinclairs once had a tower, then east
to Rosslyn Chapel. There is a complementary "L" or Knight only recently
found to the east and in the correct place. (The person who found it did not
know of the peculiar format at the time.)

The Masons also used this same situation in the Washington DC plan. The "L"
there is from the Capitol, south to the Washington Monument (another tower
in the hinge point), then west to the White House. There, the Zero Mile
Marker is in the point where we find Rosslyn in Edinburgh. Golden Ratio
(phi: 1.618) measurements are used in both.

A much earlier example, with rich detail, is the "Lindisfarne L" which is an
illumined letter on the first page of the Lindisfarne Gospels. This was
written in St Aidan's Lindisfarne establishment on Holy Island in the 7th
Century CE. Aidan was from Iona, apparently familiar with the twin islands
of Staffa and Iona linking with Holy Island (Lindisfarne) by a ley line
through Edinburgh. Another strong supposition is that St Columba of Iona and
extensive missionary work in Scotland also knew of the then secret
connections. ("Inchcolm" is the "Island of Columba", which has the St.
Columba chapel built on it.)

The William St. Clair (WILLHM DE SINNCLER) stone marker now in the Chapel
has an L-shift at the bottom where the last two letters of his name: "ER"
are bent in a 90 degree shift. This is correctly interpreted elsewhere... I
am not disputing them in other versions... however there is also a hidden
one related to transfer of codes between realms: the Hebrew application as
"RE..." or "ra/rah/roah/rehye, etc." with its variations. It has such
meanings as "a seer, to see, raptor (with sharp sight), mirror, prophet."
(The bend in the name also occurs at an "L.")

There is much more to this whole L business; I only mention it here to
illustrate a few examples of more exact usage in Earth Grids. Its also found
in temple geometry. The "L" in Chartres is in St. Piat's Chapel and is
exactly the same as found in Rosslyn's lower chapel. There are quite a few
applications in temples built by the Templars/Masons.

With apologies; (standing by for your approval to repost on the other list).

Bill Buehler

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