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RE: Clan Sinclair USA Web Page

Dear Sinclair,

I cannot address the veracity of the flag designs, I believe Niven
contributed that article.
The Orkney Chess-set contains another mystery.
>From memory; the pawns contain one or more beserkers biting down on their
long triangular shields.
It is the design of the shields themselves that catches my attention.
I have seen photographs of the shields that display a 8 spoked wheel set
high on the shield, with a stem set below it.
Tim Waalace-Murphy may be able to comment upon the significance of the
numeber 8, beyond what I mention in my chess piece.
This shield design is very similar to the Grail designs grave-slabs that
Andrew Sinclair documented at Kilmartin.
Which Andrew suggests carries the Grail motiff.
What can we conclude from the numerous grave stones at Kilmartin that depict
crusader-swords (Templar?) exactly like that of WSC within Rosslyn Chapel?
Depicted with these swords are hammers/mallets (or mels), Rosettes,
(mel-rose?), squares, compasses, chisels and alike.

The question is whether we see the Grail icon as a Viking concept crossing
into Templar use;
 or the Vikings having a proto-grail concept also?

Kindest Regards

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Dear Bruce
Interesting theory but In the shop in London 'Past Times' they sell a
reproduction of a 6th century Orkney chess set.  This is at least 500 years
older than the Crusades.  Where did it come from?

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