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Re: The Henry Voyage

Dear Joe,

It appears that Dr Watchman and a colleague from the University of Texas are
the driving forces behind the Company.

Scientific American: Analysis: Artful Dating: June 1996

carries this quote from Dr Watchman

"The use of accelerator mass spectrometry (AMS) and improved
carbon-extraction methods have transformed the field. "This is the first
time we can put numbers on a painting or engraving," says Alan L. Watchman
of the Canadian rock-art dating and conservation company Data-Roche
Watchman. "Now we can date the art and see how it matches up to
archaeological evidence."

If this method were reliable and applied to the Westford Knight and the
Newport Tower the results could advance or refute Henry's claim.  Not, of
course, his claim to the voyage but to his association with the carving and
Old Stone Mill?

Wallace-Murphy has made a value judgment on the material before him.  On the
balance of probability he has concluded that Henry made the trip to North

If all the quasi historical hoopla and Templar hot air could be stripped
away and the reason for the voyage be found Henry could take his proper
place in history.


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