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Re: The Henry Voyage


Thanks for the info....  I presume that that Dr. Watchman has a business
interest in Data Roche Watchman.

Best regards,

Joe Erkes

PS  I must congratulate you on your part in the exceptionally high quality of
the historical posts recently.   They have been fascinating to read, and have
made me realize how much more I have to learn if I want to participate actively
on any basis other than as a cheerleader.   Well done!

Sinclair wrote:

> Dear Joe Erks
> you can reach Dr Alan Watchman at
> School of Anthropology and Archaeology
> Faculty of Social Sciences
> James Cook University
> Townsville, Qld 4811
> Australia
> Alan.Watchman@jcu.edu.au
> Tel.: 61 (07) 47 815155 - Fax: 61 (07) 47 815244
> Sinclair

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