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Re: Clan Sinclair USA Web Page

Dear Bruce

 St.Baaf's Abdij - Benedictine Abby in Ghent Belgium has the 8 spokes as
does the Newport Tower. And the design is common in Portugal. Tomar Portugal
contains the Charola, the octagonal tower, of the Castle of Tomar. It was
erected in 1160. The Portuguese were inspired by the round and octagonal
churches they saw in the Near East, especially the Holy Sepulchre, built
five castles (Almoural, Idanha, Monsanto, Pombal, Tomar and ZÍzere) , in the
same style.

Portugal is home to the largest group of old windmills in Europe.  Holland
has about 500 Portugal has over 3,000.  Many are 8 sided.


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> Dear Sinclair,
> I cannot address the veracity of the flag designs, I believe Niven
> contributed that article.
> The Orkney Chess-set contains another mystery.

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