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Re: Snow Storms

Sinclair....Can you tell what routes the St.Clairs travelled when they left 
Normandy and went to England?
A very simple question, but I would like to pointed in the right 
direction....From St.Clair sur le Epte.
Thank you ....Claire Simmons.

At 05:50 PM 1/6/02 +0100, you wrote:
>Dear List members,
>I must beg your forgiveness, snows in Normandy have kept us on the farm.
>Sinclair is BORED!!! I would appreciate somebody with a quick wit to email
>him for a good old fight. A few pointers from me. Make jokes about his
>kilts, criticize his British accent, advocate the death penalty openly or
>tell him he is an Anti American. How about the weather in Melbourne,
>followed by semi colon smiley faces. Better still tell him you broke into
>his wine cellar and drank all 3000 bottles.  I've got it!!! Tell him you
>don't want any references, it would kill him!! His Draft folder, if it is
>all sent off together, It will stop the internet.

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