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Snow Storms

Dear List members,

I must beg your forgiveness, snows in Normandy have kept us on the farm.
Sinclair is BORED!!! I would appreciate somebody with a quick wit to email
him for a good old fight. A few pointers from me. Make jokes about his
kilts, criticize his British accent, advocate the death penalty openly or
tell him he is an Anti American. How about the weather in Melbourne,
followed by semi colon smiley faces. Better still tell him you broke into
his wine cellar and drank all 3000 bottles.  I've got it!!! Tell him you
don't want any references, it would kill him!! His Draft folder, if it is
all sent off together, It will stop the internet.

Best wishes to all for the New year

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> There is no door ajar history is history.  If you can not prove it it
> there.  Where is your reference that Jarl=Prince.  Outer Mongolia?
> Sinclair

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