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Re: Prince & Jarl

My very first statement regarding this Prince/Jarl discussion was that it
pained me to call him a Prince.  I really am not trying to promote him on
the USA clan website.  I just seem to have inherited a body of material that
I thought was correct.
Just now I have deleted "Prince" or put in (jarl) on 420 places of this
website.   I really can't change everything such as:
Names of numerous articles and books written by Pete Cummings about Prince
Henry Sinclair.  Other titles of books with Henry's name.
Names of celebrations, a medal, several existing monuments, newspaper and
Yours Aye  articles, committees, a birthday cake, foundations, Prince Henry
Preceptory and the Prince Henry Monument at Nosshead, exhibitions and Prince
Henry Sinclair Society of North America, etc.

Also have taken Florentia and unproven marriage out, and Duke of Oldenburg
title.   Long ago I made notations that the 8 or 9 St. Clair knights at
Hastings was not supported by evidence.  If Niven comes up with it, then all
will be recorded.

if we get proof about the Oldenburg title, we should reconsider his title.
Anyone have
an idea how to research this?

If you are tired of this discussion over ancient things that might never be
try out the new link from www.clansinclairusa.org  "history"  "St.
Clairs/Sinclairs at
Events that Shaped our World"  top of middle column.

 some of you object to
accessing things through the clan website.   In that case you can go
straight to
http://www.clansinclairusa.org/ev_worldevents.htm   and sadly miss the new
character at the link.   Here you will find brief information and info links
on many
St. Clairs/Sinclairs of more recent times that were involved in major
events.  I have more to add and perhaps you have some candidates???


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