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Re: Books

Another book you might find interesting is "The Templars" by Piers
Paul Read.  It was published in 1999 and should be readily available.
    Unicorn Limited carries "The Sinclair's of the Isles in their
"Scotcopy" collection.  Unicorn Limited had small supply of the book
printed and available for sale at the Stone Mountain games in
anticipation that the book would sell well to the large assemblage of
Sinclair's that were present for the gathering.
    The book is not cheap at $72.95.  Because of the book's length of
550, it is copied in two volumes on 81/2x11 inch paper and is bound in
paper with a fiber tape binding.  The complete text, including maps
and tables, is most ligible, but some of the photos and prints lack
the resolution of the original as they are copied.
    It is my understanding that the book may be updated and reprinted
some time in the future.  But until that happens, you only
opportunites to acquire the book is to have someone photo copy it for
you or purchase through Unicorn Limited.
    To order, visit Unicorn Limited's web site at www.scotpress.com or
write to P.O. Box 397, Brucetown Mills, WV 26525


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Re 'The Sinclairs of the Isles' would most definitely include it -
it is very difficult to get hold of as it was printed in a limited
I only included readily accesible works.

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