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Re: Books

At 01:30 PM 06/12/01 -0000, you wrote: <slightly snipped>
>A brief selection of other works well worth reading are as follows:
>Addison, Charles: 'A History of the Knights Templar'
>Albany,Prince Michael of: The Forgotton Monarchy of Scotland
>Knight & Lomas; The Hiram Key
>Upton-Ward, G. M; The Rule of the Templars
>Lizerand,: Ler Dossier de l'Affaire des Templiers
>Reznikov, Raimonde; Cathares et Templiers
>They would make a good starting point.

and would you include Roland William Saint-Clair's "The Saint-Clairs of the
Isles" in the above list Tim?


Ian Newman in Oz
PS: does anyone have any info. about my gggrandfather John Patrick St.Clair
born 1820 in Kinloch Rannoch, and chaplain to Aberdeen Prison 1880-94?
He's proving very elusive!  He married Catherine Sinclair, born in Fort
William in 1833. There were children with Stewart and Campbell middle
names, plus my ggrandmother's name was Rosabelle.  Frustratingly
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