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Re: New Topic Crest

Something to consider:
    Jeff has probably stumbled upon notations in stone that tell of the
beliefs of a group of people.  It is important to understand peoples
beliefs, discuss them, record them because they give insight into how people
thought which determined the actions and choices they made.
   But just because people long ago, that we admire or honor, believed these
things, doesn't prove that they are any more correct than your ancestors
that might have been like mine from Finland who believed in animistic
spirits.  We can believe that these records are authentic but it doesn't
mean that their beliefs were correct.  We should be looking at these beliefs
in an objective manner and not be too gullible.  You need to do your own
thinking and choosing based on your real life in the present century.

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> Jeff,
> I, as a descendant of this royal line through intermarriage, have read on
> the subject at length. One reason that people do not respond is likely
> because of the great controversy which this theory (The Legend of the Holy
> Grail) has caused within the conservitive Christian community.

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