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Re: Red Douglas and Black Douglas

African? Codswallop!

The colour of the skin has little to do with the race of man.  Some damn
fool who does not seem to know the difference between race and ethnic orgin
will probably write some inane comment, as they have done before about
introducing race into this list. The original Celts were dark skinned
Caucasians.  the Celts came for Persia via the Balkans into Geneva on to
Spain and up to Ireland and Scotland.

In Gaelic the word Dubh means black, as in Dublin (Black Pool) and glas
means gray.

In about 767 AD a certain Donald from the Hebrides raised an army to over
throw Solvathius King of Alba.  Alba is the ancient name of Scotland, it is
pronounced, in Gaelic Al-pa.  Donald (the white or fair) also called Donald
Ban was killed by the chief of the Bringantes.  The King asked who was that
warrior who had slew Donald.  The reply was or in Irish or Hebridian tongue
was 'Sholto Duin Glass' (behold that Black Gray man)  The King ordered that
he be known Sholto Du Glass.  The king rewarded Du Glass with land in
Lanarick to day know as Douglas.

The red Douglases are a branch, who intermarried with Anglo-Normans and lost
the Celtic dark skin. They went to Angus.

The Black Douglass fables come from Solway Moss area where these brigands
and  thieves were knows as Moss Troopers.


> Ian Newman
> in Western Australia
> where men are men,
> - and grasshoppers are bigger'n Texas!

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