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"Sinclair's Chains"

According to "The Saint-Clairs of the Isles" a small lock puzzle,
called the "bojor," was ascribed in one or another to Malcolm
Sinclair, the murdered ambassador.  Over a century ago, this toy was
popular with children in Norway, Sweden and Denmark.  Some say
Sinclair invented that lock as a form of amusement while in captivity.
It is also thought that it was used on his prison door and he was
promised to be set free if he could open it. Another theory is that it
was used on Sinclair's dispatch box while in route to Constantinople.
It consists of a bolt that has to be disconnected from seven rings.
An ingenious device to say the least.
    My question--has anyone seen one of these bojors.  It would be a
neat device to exhibit at a Clan Sinclair tent.  I am sure that it
would amuse all visitors.


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