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Re: Books

At 10:10 AM 09/12/01 -0500, Ward Ginn wrote <snipped>:
>[...] Unicorn Limited carries "The Sinclair's of the Isles in their
>"Scotcopy" collection.[...]
>    The book is not cheap at $72.95.  Because of the book's length of
>550, it is copied in two volumes on 81/2x11 inch paper and is bound in
>paper with a fiber tape binding.  The complete text, including maps
>and tables, is most legible, but some of the photos and prints lack
>the resolution of the original as they are copied.

Thanks, Ward - I was going to reply as such to Tim.  I have only a couple
of months ago done just that - purchased a copy from Unicorn, and I can
confirm A) it's not cheap - try converting to Oz dollars and frighten
yourself silly!  b) two volumes, bound with fibre tape, not bad, but they
came all the way here in just a normal oversize envelope, no packing to
speak of, arriving undamaged luckily,  and c) most pages legible, but found
a couple that had been photocopied "on a skew" but still included.  Over
all I'm glad I forked out for it.  Very interesting!


Ian Newman
Perth, Western Australia
"the World's most isolated capital city"  
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