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Re: Roslin Chapel/Hiram Key

In the absence of supporting evidence, I have problems accepting the
notion that William Sinclair or any other Sinclair led the Knights
Templar at Bannockburn.  For that matter, where is the evidence that
any Templars fought in this battle?  I vaguely remember somewhere that
there is some evidence that a "Brian Jay" may have fought for Edward
II in the battle.  Regrettably, contemporary accounts of the battle
are virtually non-existent.
    Few, if any, new books have been written for the general public
about Bannockburn until recently.  At least two new books on the
subject were published in 2000, "The Battle of Bannockburn 1314" by
Aryeh Nusbacher and "Bannockburn" by Peter Reese.  Neither mention any
Sinclair's.  Both support the notion that camp followers, not knights
helped turn the tide.

I would also ask if the "Sir William Sinclair" (see below) is the same
"William  of St. Clare" who along with his father "Lord Henry of St.
Clare," gave testimony against the Knights Templar at an inquiry
against the order of the Templars held at the Abbey of Holy Rood in
Edinburgh on the 15th of December 1309.  This is "real," solid
evidence, and it  casts serious doubt about William Sinclair's
allegiance to the Templars and subsequent participation as a "leading
knight" at Bannockburn.

I too, am guided by the ancient injunction passed on to King Darius
that "Truth Conquers All."

Ward Ginn
Great Falls, Virginia

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It was Sir William Sinclair who led the Knights at Bannockburn see
http://sinclair.quarterman.org/history/med/battleofbannockburn.html I
to find out how 'Prince' Henry became a Prince.

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