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Re: Prince Henry and an Opinion (as if you haven't had enough)

Dear All:
Prince Henry Sinclair was a 'Prince' by virtue of his position at the Norse
Court.   He was the premier Jarl of the Kingdom of Norway.  It was a
delicate balancing act that three generations of Sinclair Earls of Orkney
managed to pull off -- having, in effect two different liege lords.  These
amazing men paid hommage to the King of Scotland for their Rosslyn estates
and to the King of Norway for the Orcadian ones.  It all ended of course
with the death of Earl William, the builder of Rosslyn Chapel.*

For what it is worth,  I don't have a lot of time for someone who shows up
on the list for 6 hours (his estimate) and then parts with vitriolic
pronouncements about what is crap in this world.  It has been an emotional
time for all:  people have been  baring their souls and, to my way of
thinking anyway, choosing their words very carefully.  There has been
disagreement but for the most part, it has not been personalized.   Yes, in
the narrow sense, the events since 9/11 have not been a "Sinclair' topic ---
but in the broad sense, it certainly is and as Tim has so ably said,
certainly should not be a forbidden subject.   The fact that one person
likes half the discussion and is apoplectic with rage about the other half,
is no reason for us to be discouraged from  being who we have been to date.
The discussion should not be terminated simply because someone who is now
"GONE" has had enough --- it will find it's natural end of its own accord.

Rory in Toronto.

*See Barbara Crawford in "Essays on The Nobility of Medieval Scotland"
(1985) K. Stringer [ed.] pub. John Donald

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