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Re: Prince Henry

Our Henry could not have been a Prince, there were no Norse Princes.

"Earl" is related to Old Norse "jarl", and is equivalent to "count", which
itself comes from the Latin comes. This in turn is related to the English
word "county", which pretty much explains what a count was: the principal
figure of the county. In Roman times, the comes was a courtier, an Imperial
official, and actually outranked a dux (duke). There was no word 'Prince' in
old Norse the word d˛glingr was roughly equivalent.

Interestingly Harold Haardrade, King of Norway, and the old Norse jarls of
Orkney are ancestors of Charles, Prince of Wales.Charles the Prince of Wales
descends from every English King who left descendants except Charles I,
Charles II and James II. The Prince's son, Prince William of Wales, is a
descendant several times over of Charles I, Charles II and James II through
his mother Diana, Princess of Wales.  Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II
descends from the Muslims who created the Arab Andalusian civilisation of
Spain. Since some of those people sprang from the family of the Prophet, The
Queen herself is a descendent either directly or collaterally of Mohammed.
When Her Majesty visited Morocco in 1980, the Moroccan media pointed out her
Islamic ancestry.  Elizabeth II is 31st in direct descent from Volodymyr
Monomachus ruler of the Ukraine, and so are some Sinclairs descended .

Somebody run get me a Crown, I am either joining  Monty Pythons Flying
Circus or becoming King of the Ukraine, it is a tough decision, which post
to accept.   A Sinclair must be under some rock.

Maybe all this breeding had something to do with our 'International Strategy
Anyone know what the Strategy was? I have not found out the 'Strategy' but I
am practicing the breeding part.


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