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Roslin Chapel/Hiram Key

I recently rejoined the list as I finally was able to obtain Pohl's "Prince Henry Sinclair" and I stumbled across the "The Hiram Key" at Borders.
I found the HIram Key's ideas about the purpose and layout of Roslin Chapel very interesting. Are there really no altars as they say? The Sinclair website shows what I take to be one, unless this the one they mention as added later.
To see what the Grand Lodge of Scotland says about the book, check here:
Pohl's book seemed to make perfect sense, to me anyway. Are there any traditions in the Gunn family concerning the death of James in America?
I found the comments here about the lack of Orkney traditions of the voyage to be disquieting.
I also see it stated that Henry Sinclair led a group of Templars at Bannackburn. Has anyone ever seen a source for this?
I would be very interested in a discussion about the ideas in these books if anyone else is, even privately.
I think the Hiram Key authors make sense on some parts, but get a little carried away in others, but I couldn't put it down.The "Second Messiah", however, seems to be abit much.I'm currently reading that.
Take care, Kevin