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Re: Roslin Chapel/Hiram Key

There is a table in front of the east arches of the Choir area.  This
serves as a altar for services no conducted with regularity within the

There is also an altar in the crypt (or sacristy) which I believe was
installed in the late 1880s.  I believe that I read somewhere that
there had been another alter which the most recent one replaced, but I
have no specific information on the subject.

Ward Ginn
Great Falls, Virginia

From: "Rika and Kevin" <kevrik@shaka.com>
says, in part:
I found the HIram Key's ideas about the purpose and layout of Roslin
Chapel very interesting. Are there really no altars as they say? The
Sinclair website shows what I take to be one, unless this the one they
mention as added later.

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