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RE: Bin Laden

Dear Tim,

I whole-heartedly agree with you and this very ancient phrase, looking
forward to your next book.
Peace to you and yours.

And the TRUTH is the LIGHT!
Whether we like what we see is for ech of us to wrestle with,
but it is what it is, and we can argue the toss endlessly...
That is why Rosslyn Chapel makes no Blanket statements = ie...all the
answers are found in XYZ.
It is futile to persuade, cajole or argue with another on opnions.
I will wrestle with my own demons & angels.
And maybe just maybe, when my heart is weighed against the feather of Maat
(Divine Justice & Truth)...
it will be found not wanting...for in the end after I have passed on, the
Truth remains, and will conquer us all...
no matter what we think about it at this current time.
Truth is bigger than the individual...
We as indivduals either forget this or refuse to recognise it.

A Happy Sinclair Moment to you All.
Sancto Claro

Kindest Regards

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Wine is storn, women are stronger, a king is stronger still - But TRUTH


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