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Re: Peace

>To all on this site:  I sent a response to this email and it has not shown
>up on the site.  The same type delay was found in my email to the site just
>before the virus attacks.  I do not know why there was such a long delay
>before the other one was posted last week re. John Knox but wanted to
>forewarn everyone in case it happens again.  I assumed the discussion site
>had a virus protector.  Right or wrong?


OK, folks, one more time.

>>Apparently there is a "sicko" out there using my name and also that of skull

No, it's not a person.  It's a virus, which is a computer program.
Apparently your computer is infected by a virus.  It would be prudent
to use a virus removal program on it.

No, the list is not infected.  The virus in question, like almost
every virus you've ever heard of, infects Microsoft software.
There is no Microsoft software on the machine that runs the list.

No, the list cannot protect you against viruses sent directly to you
outside of the list.

If you don't want your computer to be infected by viruses, stop executing
attachments you receive in mail.  Or stop using misdesigned software
such as Outlook that automatically executes such things for you.

If you continue using such software, there are reliable sources
of information about viruses.  See:


Yes, there is a rule against virus postings or discussions on this list.


Gary, one of the two of us who maintain the list, has asked for such
postings to cease.

I have added all the subjects that have to date been used to discuss
viruses to a list of subjects that will bounce.  This is why if you
post a message with one of those subjects it won't show up on the list.

Viruses are not a subject for discussion on this list.  No more postings
here about viruses, please.

John S. Quarterman <jsq@quarterman.org>
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