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Re: Peace

To all on this site:  I sent a response to this email and it has not shown
up on the site.  The same type delay was found in my email to the site just
before the virus attacks.  I do not know why there was such a long delay
before the other one was posted last week re. John Knox but wanted to
forewarn everyone in case it happens again.  I assumed the discussion site
had a virus protector.  Right or wrong?
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From: jeffnpat <jeffnpat@nis.net>
To: <sinclair@quarterman.org>
Sent: Sunday, December 02, 2001 8:16 AM
Subject: Peace

> Many of you have shown a remarkable solidarity over these last few days,
> and I have come to regret upsetting you.  It was not my original
> intention.
> So I am leaving you in peace, but will stay "subscribed" for another few

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