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RE: Re: Membership and elections.

Dear Bruce,
My apologies for not writing sooner to tell you what transpired on the 
night of Aug 7th. We had invited Robert Johnston, Commissioner of Clan 
Johnston, Past Chief of the Council of  Clans Australia to supervise the 
election. He ruled that almost all votes were invalid because they had been 
opened by the recipients prior to the election, and had not been opened by 
scrutineers on the day of the election. So we had to call a halt and have 
been preparing a new ballot to go out, with the specification that is 
anyone is not financial they may not vote or stand for election.
Also the member may only vote for three names - one in each position listed.

So that is where we are - an acting Committee, caretaking the Clan until 
September. As we are incorporated we have to do everything by the book, as 
you would understand.

So hope you are financial, and continue to remain interested in the affairs 
of this rather long suffering group.

Thank you for your good sense on the list. It was appreciated.

Jean Stokes1

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