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10,683 Australian men

When I went to Villers Bretonneux I did not know the location..I stopped at
a local shop and enquired as to directions.

He said " Ce sont les hommes dont honorent que nous devons conserver avec
nos vies. Ils sont entrés d'à France dans son temps de besoin "

("These are the men whose honour we must preserve with our lives. They came
from far away to France in her time of need")

The memorial is to the 10,683 Australian men who died with no know grave in
W. W. I After the war the children of Melbourne state schools from their
pocket money rebuilt the school in Villers-Bretonneux. There are two
Sinclair graves.  There are Sinclair names engraved on the Memorial. The
Commonwealth War Graves Commission tends the Cemetery and one a kilometre
away, Crucifix Corner.

Twice a year the entire population of the town and surrounding area turns
our to add special care to the cemeteries.

At Crucifix there is a memorial from the French of  Villers Bretonneux. "Ce
sont nos héros qu'ils ont donné à leurs vies pour notre ville et France.
Reposez-tu dans paix dans la main de Dieu."  (These are our heroes they gave
their lives for our town and France. Rest in peace in the hand of God.)

>From half a world away they answered an Empire's call, all volunteers to lay
forever in Flanders fields. Row upon row of graves lie men,  everyday men,
fathers, husbands and sons in an eternal sleep


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