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Re: 10,683 Australian men

An Australian lady in her 80's wrote and asked for a photo of her brothers
name on the Australian Memorial.  Ann took it and sent it to her.  The lady
lost all three of her brothers before she even knew them.

Here is her letter

" Dear Ann,

 I was so excited to receive these photos. It really is so special to me.

 It bought tears to my eyes seeing the memorial, especially when I read of
your beautiful gesture.

I can't thank you enough for your kindness, but just be assured it was
really appreciated.

 I have invited my family to tea to see my brother.
 Thank you again,
 Ronnalyn Vincis "

The gesture she speaks of is we knelt and kissed the graves of Sinclair and
touched their name on the Memorial fo those who have never seen them.  Some
of these people's sires and sons are gone but their name lives forever.

We sometimes bicker and fight over nothings, our injured pide, what shape
badge we are to wear and who is who and knows who.  Whenever we come upon
correspondence like this all pales into insignifacants.  We should remember
that only Royal families hire hangmen and we are for all our squables and
fights Sinclairs. An old and proud highland Clan.  A band of brothers.


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