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Re: Esther Sinclair - Caithness / Pictou

Dear Bruce,
     You have probably figured out this much by yourself already but if
It seems that the one of the following Earls must be Esther's father:
(1)  George 5th Earl(1582-1643)
George 6th Earl and George 7th  died without issue
(2) John 8th Earl b. 1640 (1698-1705)
(3) Alexander 9th b. 1684  (1705-1765) could have had Esther by 1705.

But none of the 3 peerage books I have copies of the Sinclair pages, shows
an Esther/Ester nor have I found her in the St. Clairs of the Isles but then
again I just got my copy and am just getting acquainted with its 550 pages.
There is no index.

Now I just read today in the "Roslin O Roslin" quarterly of Canada that 5
manuscrips on 1000 years of Sinclair History has been found in Louisiana.  I
have asked the source about your Esther.   I don't know whether this is just
a recopy of the St. Clairs of the Isles.

Are you familiar with the story of the 10th Earl of Caithness who disowned
his 3rd son, James?  James went off to America and had a good life.  His
oldest brother John became the 11th Earl and was the one wounded at the
Battle of Charleston during the Rev. War.   The other brother William died
in the war.   Anyway somehow documents were destroyed, maybe by the Earl
himself so there was little proof until generations later a search was made
and a few records were uncovered in Scotland and that along with what the
descendants had hung on to, the Peerage books were changed in 1904 to
include James.  So there is some hope.
   Now I just got this message today from a McDonald researcher.  I don't
know whether it will be of any help but here it is.
Hello, excellent website - the Sinclairs are leading the way in all the
Templar lore. Could you tell me what the most significant link is to the
Macdonalds, lords of the isles? I am sure there are many interconnections
but I am looking for one or two keynames. thanks, Liz  Abbott


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> Can anyone assist me with this enquiry regarding Esther Sincalir?
> Requiring more information....
> Ester (Esther) Sinclair eloped with a McDonald (MacDonald) who was a
> coachman to Pictou in around 1600-1700, not sure exactly when. She was

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