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Esther Sinclair - Caithness / Pictou

Can anyone assist me with this enquiry regarding Esther Sincalir?
Requiring more information....

Ester (Esther) Sinclair eloped with a McDonald (MacDonald) who was a
coachman to Pictou in around 1600-1700, not sure exactly when. She was
apparently disinherited by her father, The Earl of Caithness. The
Mc/MacDonald is from Caithness as well. Can anybody shed some light on
this, dates, names etc...

William McDonald of Caithness, founded Pictou. What is his importance in
Scotland and couls someone find dates, etc...

My problem is there is not much to choose through to find relevant info
on these folks, but from 1600 onward there is an overwhelming presence
from Caithness into Pictou.

Ester is written about alot in early school literature, in fact poetry
was written about her and used in N.S. literature readers up till the
early 1900s, no date are available though.

Ester Sinclair marries a McDonald, elopes to Pictou. Pictou if founded
by a McDonald. The daughter of the exiled Stuarts marries one of the
Guysbourough county McDonald clan. She was also charged as an enemy to
the crown for supposedly being a spy for the Napoleanic forces, her
husband, before his death supplied lumber to the forces of Napolean.

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