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Re: a few Sinclairs

>Wouldn't Santa Clara be a female saint while the St. Clairs' (Santo) name
>comes from a male saint.

(Our namesake St. Clair is not to be confused with Saint Clare, or
Sainte Claire in French. She was the founder of the Poor Clares, a
monastic order associated with the Franciscans of St. Francis of
Assisi. She is the namesake of Santa Clara, California, just as
Francis is the namesake of San Francisco, California, where
Spanish missionaries left their names.) 


There are also pueblos, towns, or cities named Santa Clara in New Mexico,
Utah, Oregon, and New York, not to mention Santa Clara County, California,
which in the past few decades has become one of the most densely networked
places in the world.  None of their names have anything to do with our
namesake St. Clair.

Coincidentally, Santa Clara's feast day is today, August 11.



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>> Well,
>> I only know that there is one big city (population
>> 100.000+) which has a name probably derived of St.
>> Clair. And that's Santa Clara in California.

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