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Re: Re: Membership

Attempting to destroy an individuals credibility!! If apologies are
forthcoming, myself and my family would appreciate a public apology for the
attached copy of the "rebuttal' that was published on the www.
clansinclairaustralia before it was renamed. My crime was to question the
legalities of some acts of voting in regard to the constitution and Clan
Sinclair Australia, my sentence is to be denied natural justice.  The author
being the inaugral & past president of Clan Sinclair Australia (CSA). Since
NO apology or retraction has been made, we are left to assume that acts such
as this are wholly condoned by the acting president of CSA. The haughty and
patronising tone of their comments  & their supporters seems to  nullify (in
their view) the derogatory  & wildly indiscriminate attacks they have made
on several individuals. I wrote to the CSA discussion site to suggest an
apology may be the best recourse. In response the website has been removed.
This does not remove the intent and as the website was under the auspices of
CSA it does little for the Clans image in Australia and world wide. Until
now, I  had refrained from any action further than reporting my grievances
to the Office of Business Affairs, including publishing the content on this
discussion list.  There is little hope of reconciliation among some clan
members in Australia while it remains under the direction of the Stokes
family and while there are murmurings of Margaret Stokes being rewarded for
her atrocious behaviour by being made a Commissioner!!!   On August 1 Jean
Stokes ( acting  president) of Clan Sinclair Australia resigned from this
list  in a most ungratious fashion, however I see she has glossed over that
incident and continues on her merry way. If quarterman chooses to remove me
from the list, so be it. Annette Sinclair Smith----- Original Message -----
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Sent: Thursday, August 02, 2001 7:21 AM
Subject: Fwd: Re: Membership

>   This arrived in my private Email today - be warned. this person  has
> decided to try to destroy my credibility as a human being. These
> are edited and rearranged. He is not giving  whole cloth.
> I was going to write to the List to make public my apology to Margaret for
> exposing her  and my family to this humiliation. I leave it to the list to
> judge.
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