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RE: Re: Membership

Firstly, Annette this post is not directed to you specifically, but to
everyone on this list.
To prevent yet another flame war, I would like to make a few comments that I
hope will be considered balanced.

There obviously seems to be some in-fighting and clash of personalities
fighting over goodness knows what, at the core of these numerous heated
posts.  The phenomina of in-fighting and factions is rather bothersome
reading to the majority on the discussion list.
On this point Clan Sinclair Australia is not 'Robinson Crusoe'; that is, its
not on its own in this regard.
Any number of organisations, PTAs, children's sporting clubs and businesses
contain such goings-on.  Yet continue to operate and keep the majority happy
and hopefully blissfully unaware of such stirrings.

The next point, is that the majority of members within Clan Sinclair
Australia are likely as I am, to have absolutley no interest in such
goings-on and are tired of hearing about it.
The big picture is, what we are about as an organisation; not who holds the
And I qualify this, in so much as if any inpropriety has occurred then, it
should be made known, and allow due process to deal with it objectively.

Next point, is that I believe a vote was to be held last August 8th 2001.
I completed a number of forms, had my vote and sent them off in advance of
this date.
I have no gripe with those running the organisation; in the past, in the
present, and whoever is involved in the future.
Can internal politics be kept internal?
So, please stop posting messages to all of us about certain other
individuals and injustices.
Do we want this duscussion forum involved with writs for slander and libel?

Currently I am studying my Masters in Laws, and I can tell you all one
thing; each of us has our own view of justice and what is just.  Because of
these many views of personal justice, we have to refer to just one set of
rules; the law.
If a law has been broken, certainly advise the members.
Otherwise, could we have a moritorium that prevents internal politics being
posted to this group?
Lets move on to bigger things.  Please everyone recall the magic of the
'Sword of Peace'.
Lets focus on the exchange of useful information and advertise important
events and engagements.

Kindest regards
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