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Re: Membership

Dear Bruce and all of you for that matter,

Bruces message to us all was the best message of the year 2001 on this
list (so far).


bruce carlyon wrote:
> Firstly, Annette this post is not directed to you specifically, but to
> everyone on this list.
> To prevent yet another flame war, I would like to make a few comments that I
> hope will be considered balanced.
> There obviously seems to be some in-fighting and clash of personalities
> fighting over goodness knows what, at the core of these numerous heated
> posts.  The phenomina of in-fighting and factions is rather bothersome
> reading to the majority on the discussion list.
> On this point Clan Sinclair Australia is not 'Robinson Crusoe'; that is, its
> not on its own in this regard.

[ Excess quotations omitted. ]


May we all try to live up to his standards. Please.....

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