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Sinclair in Hampton VA

For Susan and all - Arthur Sinclair, second of that name in America,
bought a place in Hampton, VA because the family place at Cobham, Surry
Co, VA was too far from the ocean. This Arthur Sinclair was the
Commodore Sinclair (1814 date of rank) who was in the War of 1812,
having entered the Navy as a midsipman in 1798.  He and his second wife
raised a family there and it was from there that his son Arthur went off
to the Navy first in the US Navy and then in the Confederate Navy.  When
he drowned after his ship foundered in the Mersey in January 1865, the
Federal forces put his widow out of the house and burned it to the
ground.  There is a Sinclair subdivisiosn and Sinclair Circle and as
Susan said a Sinclair Road. regards, Sally

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