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Re: Discussion Formalities

Ann, I'm sorry if you took offence me pointing out the fact that the man
actually is your husband. I did not mean to offend you in any way I
merely wanted to point out the fact that when you spoke of "this mans
name" you really knew what you where talking about as you are close to
him. Something that maybe was hard to understand for list members as you
called him "this man" and generally wrote of him as someone you did not
know very well.

ann sinclair wrote:
> Now the cats have even joined in.  
> What has my relationship got to do with you? 

Otherwise it has nothing to do with me - of course not.

I do not know you and
> certainly don't wish to know you. I have had nothing but hassles from
> certain list interferers who continue to make my private life an issue. This
> is how this stupid dog fight got started in the first place. 

Please don't involve me in that, I have never commented on that nor now
nor earlier.

Yes I married
> the love of my life. 

So did I and I do not wish you anything but happiness - so my word to
you is Go for it!

> By the way
> The weather in Normandy is simply divine

and so it is in Stockholm too.

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