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Re: Discussion Formalities

labehotierre wrote:
> Of what relevance are my Christian name to you?

Of great relevance! As  many of the other list members I do enjoy and
appreciate your participation on the list, you give us a lot if
interesting information, historical and genealogical but........ as a
serious researcher I need to put down references and notes to where I
got the information and such. I'm quite sure you are aware of this. But
as I can't give any information on you I have to leave out all the
interesting stuff you share with us on the list - and that is a pity!
Don't you think?

I'm sure I am not the only one, Laurel and Jean Grigsby will have the
same problem I'm sure and  I'm also sure that most of the list members
does understand that this is a problem for someone who is trying to put
together some reliable and serious research results.

And Sinclair, do you know what..... this has nothing to do with the fact
that I am the Godmother of Rachel Stokes (a little girl with a lot of
Sinclair blood, her godfather by the way is Niven Sinclair, known to
most of the list members).

Lena (with one "n" as you use to spell it when you are not angry
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