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Re: Discussion Formalities

Now the cats have even joined in.    Hiss...ss.................
What has my relationship got to do with you? I do not know you and
certainly don't wish to know you. I have had nothing but hassles from
certain list interferers who continue to make my private life an issue. This
is how this stupid dog fight got started in the first place. Yes I married
the love of my life. I'm extremely happy. Why don't we now tell the whole
god damn bloody world that I am a Sinclair who has married a Sinclair. Now
I'll wait to hear from the meddling old fool in England (Who started
everything) that I am now committing incest !! If it's incest, I recommend
the whole world tries a bit of the same.

OK, Now I'm open for discussion on everything. Schooling, sexual fantasies.
Go for it. I've had enough and I'm sure all others have also.

If anyone wants a fight OFF LINE try me. I am usually a quite reserved
person and hate discord so I chose to stay out of this type of upset but
considering this particular dispute started over me, a year ago and you all
want to discuss something that you know nothing about, lets do it. My
private email address is ann.l.sinclair@wanadoo.fr Grab your sword we fight
at dawn!

By the way
The weather in Normandy is simply divine
Ann Louise Sinclair Sinclair

> a hard time accepting your fiancés (or is it husband now) different
> aliases (akas) on the list. Why can't he just spit it out..... his full
> name (not just Sinclair as that doesn't tell anything while on this
> list). And by the way.... I don't think there's anyone on the list who
> think La Behotiere is his name.... most people aren't stupid you know.
> Lena

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