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Re: Discussion Formalities

Well I know one thing, that someone namely Thomas Sinclair, was given some 
information privately and has  had the crass vulgarity to expose what was 
said in confidence to  him for the whole Sinclair list to read and have in 
general judgement."

This young man wrote to me asking about CSA, and asking questions about my 
family. Foolishly I gave him some of that information. Margaret is 
brilliant, I am very proud of her and the way she has endured some of the 
things that have been said to her especially by La Behotierre. Her children 
are a credit to her and they and she are dearly beloved by her father, and I.

If I had realized that this young person was a friend of La Behotierre I 
would have never answered him in any way. At no time did he indicate that 
he knew him. Indeed he suggested we should initiate a Clan Hogg as , sadly 
we also have that line closely in our genetic inheritance.

Well John and all of those who are my friends on the Sinclair List, I am 
going to sign off. I feel disgusted, betrayed, and traumatized by such 

I want NOTHING more to do with this list and these people. Perhaps my 
English mother was right to mistrust you all.

Jean Stokes.

>Mrs Jean Stokes wrote me that "Sadly the sender is my daughter who is not 
>a very easy person to handle. Margaret is brilliant and more than somewhat 
>paranoid. She was severely traumatized as a small child - poisoned by a 
>drug overdose - and we though we would lose her. Most of the time she is 
>great, but she and a another person had a barney and it has continued."
>I have written off list to labehotierre for 7 months.  He is a gentleman.
>He encouraged me to join Clan Sinclair Australia.  I live and work in the 
>ACT. I asked for a translation of some Latin on the list.  I got an email 
>from Jean Stokes saying that I owed her and her daughter an apology for 
>asking for a translation.  Mrs Jean Stokes then said "Now you owe Meg an 
>apology and you should listen a bit too. Privateers has attacked her many 

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