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Re: Discussion Formalities

Jean de St. Sigeron wrote “Everyone should directly put this off-list 
insults to the list for general judgement.”

Mrs Jean Stokes wrote me that “Sadly the sender is my daughter who is not a 
very easy person to handle. Margaret is brilliant and more than somewhat 
paranoid. She was severely traumatized as a small child - poisoned by a drug 
overdose - and we though we would lose her. Most of the time she is great, 
but she and a another person had a barney and it has continued.”

I have written off list to labehotierre for 7 months.  He is a gentleman.  
He encouraged me to join Clan Sinclair Australia.  I live and work in the 
ACT. I asked for a translation of some Latin on the list.  I got an email 
from Jean Stokes saying that I owed her and her daughter an apology for 
asking for a translation.  Mrs Jean Stokes then said “Now you owe Meg an 
apology and you should listen a bit too. Privateers has attacked her many 
times and this is the first time she has exposed his garbage. Margaret 
Stokes is my daughter, she is also called milamba on the net, as I am 
Sinead. She is a Latinist, that is a Latin scholar, among many things and  
she translated that very literally for you.”

I wrote to a classic Professor and he said “The phrases were not ‘an amusing 
attempt at an insult’.  They were an extremely well thought out mild insult 
displaying a depth of classical knowledge.

As for the purported translation it shows not even a rudimentary knowledge 
of Latin. Modo vincis, modo vinceris ( You win some, you lose some) ”

I was thinking about joining Clan Sinclair Australia until I opened their 
web site and found a Rebuttal that grossly libelled a number of people.  Mrs 
Jean Stokes said it was OK because her daughter didn’t have anything anyone 
could sue her for.

It seems that every member of the Clan Sinclair Australia quits sooner or 
later.  Maybe this is one of those times she ain’t great. Libel in  
Australia is criminal as well as civil

I think that these people are to self important for me.  They libel and 
speak ill of people. Call them louts  etc. They claim that they are related 
to everybody even Sir Malcolm and then they talk bad about him. Should I 
post that on this as well?

I agree with Bruce and Wallace Murphy. My friend labehotierre wrote to 
Margaret Stokes off-list.  It should have stayed off-list. You listed the 
rules about this list Margaret Stokes put the off list stuff on list. And it 
is the mother of Margaret Stokes who says she is “more than
somewhat paranoid.”


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