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Re: Kennewick Man, and Japanese website

Laurel, thanks for the suggestion to visit the website of Japanese 
stories.  BEAUTIFUL.

i FOUND YOUr words on the Kennewick Man a good review of the story 
happening right now in Portland.


At 02:41 PM 6/27/01 -0700, you wrote:
>Some time ago, I was telling you that the skeleton of 9,000 year-old
>Kennewick man from Kennewick, WA had been destroyed by the Corps of
>Engineers to avoid a big controversy between the archaeologists and the
>Columbia Basin tribes.  Well, apparently that was wrong.  in the Oregonian,
>Wed. June 20, 2001 was this article
>telling that a new hearing has been held.  The federal judge is yet to
>decide on the future of this skeleton.  A lawsuit was brought by 8
>anthropologists seeking to study the 9,300 year old remains, found in 1996
>on the Columbia River shore against the U.S. Army Corps of Eng. who had
>indicated that they would turn the remains over to 5 Columbia Basin tribes
>for burial without allowing a study.  This had been OK'd by the then sec. of
>the Interior.

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