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Re: America's Stonehenge & NS Mystery walls request

I also would again mention to you the book "Ancient Mines of Kitchi-Gummi"
by Roger Jewell.  If you think this is a silly maybe childish name for a
book, don't.  Kitchi-Gummi is the Indian name for Lake Superior.
   Much information from many American researchers to back his theory (and
the theory he feels these researchers believed but could not state publicly
years ago for fear of ridicule)  that approx. 5,000 copper mines were mined
4500 yeares ago on Lake Superior's Isle Royal and adjoining areas.   It is
caluculated various ways which he illustrates, that 20 to 50 million pounds
of copper was removed and literally disappear from this continent.
   He believes that it would take just a small number of ships over a long
period of time to move this copper to the Mediterranian area.  He shows with
pictures the superior tools used by the adjacent Indians at that time but
following the cessation of trade, their culture goes down hill again.
   Just a little tiny book 164 pages but just about every page is a "Wow"
I see that Amazon lists another book about the Ancient Mines around Lake
Superior also.  But this book isn't there.
You can contact the author   Jewellhistories@superpa.net  to order.


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> Some time ago, I was telling you that the skeleton of 9,000 year-old
> Kennewick man from Kennewick, WA had been destroyed by the Corps of
> Engineers to avoid a big controversy between the archaeologists and the
> Columbia Basin tribes.  Well, apparently that was wrong.  in the

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