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RE: America's Stonehenge & NS Mystery walls request

Excellent post, except that Henry never "discovered" America under any
speculation I've seen......the whole point is that Henry didn't...many were
here before his voyage (which, at least until Dr. Tim Wallace Murphy's
upcoming book, remains unproved). At least the Norse Viking presence in
L'Anse Aux Meadows, Newfoundland, dating from the beginning of the 11th C.,
proves that Pre-Columbian exploration is a fact...

Not to mention that as of a coupla years ago the Smithsonian's public and
private position is that Clovis people, the original inhabitants of North
America, didn't come over the land bridge from Asia, but down the Atlantic
Coast from northern Europe in ships....so North America was "discovered" at
least 12,000 years ago....probably longer...

	I have long wished to read Fell and Boland's work but have never had them
in my hands...any mention of any sites in Nova Scotia or Newfoundland?

	Seaking of as yet unproven Pre-Columbian. Does anyone out there have any
information at about the Bayer's Lake Mystery Walls site in Halifax, Nova
Scotia, other than the Archeological Report for 1991, or Bill Crooker's
Chapter from his Book Tracking Treasure? Any mentions of them anywhere? Has
anyone any good theories about the site?

	be well,
		rob cohn

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     I have some additional information about "Mystery Hill" In Salem, New
Hampshire or "America's Stonehenge", about which a television program called
"History's Mysteries" will be shown on the History Channel television
on July 3.
     Barry Fell, the Harvard-educated epigrapher and excavator of sunken
Spanish galleons, wrote an excellent book on the Celtic (Irish) exploration
of America.  This book is called America B.C. It was published by
Quadrangle/New York Times Book Co., NY, NY in 1976.  Barry Fell is deceased.
The book is out of print and available in libraries.  I have read this book.
Mr. Fell states that Mystery Hill was settled from 800 BC - 600 BC by people
from Ireland who worshipped a sun god named "Bel."
     Charles Michael Boland wrote in his book They All Discovered America,
published by Doubleday, NY, NY in 1961 that Mystery Hill was settled by
monks who were fleeing the Vikings who were raiding Ireland.  Mr. Boland
the Irish monks settled Mystery Hill in the Tenth Century A.D.  This book is
out of print and available in libraries.  Mr. Boland is deceased.  I own
book.  I think it is the best book I ever read about everyone who discovered
    Someone asked about James Whittal.  He died in Rowley, Massachusetts in
November 1998.  I own a book that has his picture and a short biography of
him in it.  This book tells all about the investigations carried out by Mr.
Whittal and others of pre-Columbian (before Christopher Columbus came to
America in 1492) settlements in New England.  This book is called New
England's Ancient Mysteries by Robert Ellis Cahill.  It was published in
by the Old Salt Box Publishing House in Salem, Massachusetts.  As far as I
know it is out of print, but it may be in libraries or you may be able to
it from the publisher.  It goes into great detail about many places in New
England that were settled by people from Europe before Christopher Columbus.
     Ever since I was a child, I have been interested in who discovered
America.  I only learned about my Sinclair heritage in 1995 (Prince Henry
Sinclair discovered North America in 1398 AD.) so now I know why I have
always been interested in this subject.


Susan M. Grady
Virginia Commissioner
Clan Sinclair Association, U.S.A.

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