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Re: greetings to the Sinclair list

Welcome Angus
I am an Angus Sinclair too but mainly go by Rory -- I am the Secretary of
your Association and we have had communication in the past.
I just played pipes for a wedding at Timothy Eaton Memorial last Friday
with Edward Connell on their big organ -- he was skeptical about pipes
(generally right as pipers may tune fine amongst themselves but not to A
440) but I told him I always kept my pipe in immaculate B flat.  We were
bang on and we  made a believer out of him.
We should do a tune or two in London!
Rory Angus Sinclair Toronto.
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> Hello,
> My name is Angus Sinclair and I'm a member of the Clan Sinclair
> (Canada). Glad was I to discover this list this afternoon!

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