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Sinclair participation

There is a note about Arthur Sinclair, the first of the name in VA who
had 'taken a prize' sometime before the revolution.  He settled in Surry
Co, VA about 1745, finally. He had been a merchant captain between
Scotland and America for some years. He never got paid for his 'prize'.
That is recorded in a web site of government claims. His son didn't get
paid for part of his service in the War of 1812.  He participated in the
battle with the "Insurgent" (labohterre - do have this one?)
On Upton Beall Sinclair - born 20 Sep 1878, d 25 Nov 1968 in Bound
Brook, NJ. From what I read last night, he may be the son of Arthur (5th
of that name) Sinclair, who according the Upton's bio was a liquor
salesman in NY.  Upton then trundled back and forth to stay with 'his
wealthy grandparents' in Baltimore.  According to Arthur (4), obit in
the Baltimore papers, Arthur was a well to do merchant in Baltimore and
except for a short time when he lived in Fairfax Co, VA, lived in
Baltimore from the end of the Civil War until his death.  Upton,
according to his bio, worked his way thru Columbia University by writing
for pulp fiction. He turned to Socialism as a response between his
father and his grandfather. The bio says that Upton came from "the
ruined Southern Aristocracy"  Some material about his says he was the
"biggest of the muckrakers" - his subjects included "The Jungle",
written about the meat packing industry.  That book is available on line
for any of you who would like to read about him. Just search "Upon
Sinclair".  There are portraits of him on line also. He married 3 times,
a Patricia H(unk) in 1900, divorced in 1911 (no issue, so far found),
unk in 1913, she died in 1961. There may be a son, Upton, Jr., but what
I get is that the child died almost at birth. He married again in 1967
and he died the following year. Upton, Jr. was born in Alameda, CA.
There is a color picture of the gravestone on line in one of the bio
pages.  The address of Rock Creek Cemetery is Church and Webster
Streets, NW, Washington, DC.  By the way, it is a most historic cemetery
in many other ways.
Working backwards - Upton Beall Sinclair, son of Arthur Sinclair and
unknown born 1878.  His father, Arthur Sinclair was the son of Arthur
Sinclair, graduate of the Naval Academy, was in the US and CSN.  Was
pursor on the CSS Virginia at the time of its battle with the Monitor.
Later served at the Battle of New Orleans and later yet on the CSS
Alabama for two years (wrote a book, now well out of print - "Two Years
on the Alabama" (1885/6)). His father Captain (Commodore) Arthur
Sinclair, was master on the Alabama at the time of its sinking. He chose
not to return to the US afterwards, like his son, and drowned when his
blockade runner, the "Lelia" sank in the mouth of the Mersey River.
(There is a whole lot more to that story). His father, Captain
(Commodore) Arthur Sinclair was an entered Midshipman in 1798, died in
1831.  He served in the War of 1812, first in the Atlantic and secondly
at the Battle of the Lakes, where his gallant action won him a sword
presented by the Government of Virginia (can be seen at the Historical
Society of VA, Richmond).  Unless, I am mistaken, he took part in the
Barbary Wars in the Mediterranean. His father, Mr. Arthur Sinclair,
merchant ship captain born abt 1707 and whose will was proved in 1792,
settled in America in 1745. He continued as a merchant in Cobham, Surry
Co, VA until his death. It would seem that he was a part of the Sinclair
name still in Shetland, although the main part of his branch was in
Fife. (?) - by the way, by this Arthur Sinclair, who was married twice,
his son John, according to what I have been reading, died on or before
1777, may be Captain John Sinclair of Gloucester??????  I think I read,
his grave is in the Sinclair graveyard at Sinclair Point, Gloucester.
So that would join the 2 tidewater VA Sinclairs into one family.
In my mother's time, Upton Sinclair was considered 'trash' because of
his writing. Hey, who is the sinner and who the saint?  regards, Cousin

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